Google Tests Larger URL in SERPs

03 Feb 2013, 1 min read.

A good testing strategy is an integral part of improving every website, and Google is always testing something new. Whether it is the color of the background behind AdWords ads, or a recent test to change the color of their black top navigation bar, Google continues to investigate which tweaks can help users find the results they are looking for as quickly as possible.

I just spotted what looks to be one of the current tests Google is performing. The green color remains the same at hex color #093, but the font size has increased from 13px to 16px.

Google Tests Larger URLs in SERPs

Google has certainly tested other elements of the URL before, but this seems to be one of the first times they have increased the size of this critical page element. For example, Google does show enhanced URLs in organic results for those who markup their breadcrumbs with or other rich snippets.

This could benefit larger brands with recognizable domain names, and I wonder how the increased URL size will impact CTR of paid AdWords ads compared to organic results.

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