Up In The Air

23 Nov 2010, 2 min read.

I first launched this website while in the air from Atlanta to Boston on my way for a visit home. I’m up in the air again, but this time online for free thanks to Google Chrome. Thanks Google! Although, the internet is quite slow and it can barely load google.com. Gogo may not be quite ready for the full flux of everyone and their sibling, parents, and grandparents logging on while in flight. I have have been disconnected several times due to bandwidth constraints and too many users on the network. That said, how cool is it that I am 10,000+ feet in the air, but still able to be connected to the world by my iPad?

Gogo - In Air. Online.

The internet has come a long way, and I assume it still has a long way to go. There was an article written earlier this year titled, “The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Web.” Although the article is very well written and give some great insight in online trends, I do have to disagree. The web is more alive than ever. There is still is still a lot of opportunity for businesses to embrace the full potential of the web browser. Dynamic content delivered to various devices the the way of the future (and present). Take a look at this blog on an iPhone or Android phone. I used a cool little plugin to deliver a mobile friendly version of the site and blog.

When are able to use the web to its full potential without downloading an app on more sites, the Internet will continue to grow.

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